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Glove testing

It can accurately detect defective gloves such as damage, oil stains and dirty spots, and can automatically remove defective gloves.

3D vision

The 3D manipulator is an automated device that can imitate human arm movements and has high flexibility and adaptability. This solution aims to design a 3D manipulator with high precision, fast response and strong load capacity to meet the needs of complex industrial application scenarios. The manipulator will achieve excellent performance through optimized mechanical structure design, electrical control system design and software algorithm design.

Smart robot

Cylindrical, spherical, tapered roller and needle roller sorting machines from Swiss technology have always been in a leading position in the field of high-performance measurement technology and automatic sorting machines for the bearing industry, and are also the guarantee of quality in the bearing industry. A rigorous and pragmatic attitude and a customer-oriented sense of innovation have enabled K2 to reach a common goal of cooperation with European sorting machine manufacturers. Trust us: The world's leading manufacturer of bearing rolling element measurement and sorting machines and K2 Tech, a manufacturer of visual inspection equipment, have joined forces to protect our customers in the bearing industry.

ECT flaw detection

The excitation coil of the eddy current hardness sorter performs magnetic induction on the material being inspected, and can identify, sort and detect the material composition, hardness, heat treatment status and mixture of bearing rings, rollers and steel balls.。

National defense

Since its establishment, Caton&Hera Technology has successfully developed intelligent testing equipment for multiple industries, solving quality testing problems in the manufacturing process for customers including aerospace groups, aviation groups, military enterprises, many large listed companies and foreign-funded enterprises. One device can meet the needs of various complex detection applications. Equipment can be customized according to customer needs, including various flexible options such as vision, detection, identification and positioning, robot control, etc. Advanced functions can be obtained by simply upgrading the software.

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