Enameled wire

According to the production status and needs of the enameled wire industry, combined with our company's many years of testing experience in the cable industry, we use diversified module combinations to quickly match needs, replace traditional manual operations with intelligent equipment, and help customers achieve intelligent manufacturing, improve quality and efficiency, Various spots, color differences, bubbles, concave and convex foreign objects, etc., mark the length, width and height of the defects.

High detection efficiency

High detection efficiency allows for front and back detection without flipping.

Diversified detection

One machine with multiple functions, not only for online detection of surface defects, online high-pressure pinhole monitoring, and spray code marking, but also for online size measurement, including wire diameter measurement (wide and narrow edges) and defect size measurement (length, width, height, and area).

ndependently developed testing software

It can meet various testing needs of customers.

Defective workpiece diagram
Tapered roller
Aligning roller
Cylindrical Roller
Technical Indicators

Testing items

Outer circle appearance defect

Defects such as under grinding, abrasion, over grinding, pits with excessive flesh, protruding head, cold pier damage, material shortage, pressure damage, rust spots, and out of round end face。

Testing items

Appearance defects on both end faces

Defects such as end face abrasion, end face underwear, extrusion, end face cracks, and end face waste.

Detection range

Ø 5~25mm

Testing requirements

The surface of the workpiece is clean and free of oil stains

Detection speed


Mean time between failures


Optical resolution


Supply Voltage




Equipment air source



1.8 m*1.0 m*1.7 m / 450kg

System working environment

Temperature:5℃~ 30℃ Relative humidity:<70%Rh

Other characteristics

1、Real time display of detection status and NG product quantity alarm.

2、The device software has remote technical support function.

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