Intelligent fruit picking robot

In fruit and vegetable production operations, the picking and harvesting process accounts for about 40% of the entire operation. The traditional manual picking method is basically a labor-intensive operation with high labor intensity. It is affected by weather and sunCaton&Hera time restrictions. It not only has low labor efficiency, but also affects the quality of work. There is no guarantee, and the safety hazards during the picking process cannot be ignored. The emergence of unmanned picking robots solves the current difficulties faced by fruit picking, realizes farmland harvest automation, can adapt to environmental changes, ensures work efficiency, and is in line with the development of the fruit industry. need.

Fruit and vegetable recognition

Based on deep learning and large-scale image training, it can accurately identify comprehensive information such as fruit and vegetable categories, positions, and confidence levels in images

Robot arm planning

From forward and inverse kinematics, motion to dynamics, from joint coordinate systems to Cartesian coordinate systems

Force control hand eye coordination

Force feedback control combined with visual recognition to achieve precise object grasping

Product mix
Walking structure Equipment structure
Application Scenario
Intelligent sorting

Accurate classification under high-speed dynamic conditions

Accurate dosing

Accurately dosing without compressing seedlings, evenly spraying, and timing and quantification

Precision weeding

Reduce fuel costs and irrigation needs

Sparse flowers and sparse grass

Scientifically and Reasonably Improving Fruit Quality

Asset Inventory

Yield estimation and growth information monitoring

Technical Indicators


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