Smart glasses

In the field of industrial manufacturing and maintenance, it often happens that faults occur and cannot be eliminated in time because engineers cannot rush to the scene at the first time. However, smart glasses come in perfectly. Operators at the fault site only need to wear AR smart glasses and scan 3D images from the first perspective and upload them to the cloud. Expert engineers at a distance can accurately grasp the situation at the scene. Analyze the cause of the fault and guide the remote operator to perform on-site maintenance work.

Multiple feeding methods

Personalized customization of each module according to customer requirements, connecting with different factory battery production end processes, solving the problem of difficult adaptation to different locations, logistics, and storage methods

High detection efficiency

The 200PPM high-speed inspection line can save about 20 people per line, and the workpiece can be inspected on each end face without flipping.

Lower production cost

Replacing traditional testing, reducing manual misjudgment, greatly improving factory production efficiency and product quality

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